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The best place to have authentic Thai food is Bangkok Express restaurant. Come or order online.
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Bangkok Express

Bangkok Express

Bangkok Express considers the opinion of each client that is why they have placed us between the best restaurants of the city and we thank them offering a distinguished and superior service. All our meals are carefully prepared by our professional team using the freshest and finest ingredients. Choose Bangkok's flavours and get ready to live a new amazing culinary experience. Find us at 5645 Avenue de Monkland or order online for delivery.

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Quality score

  • kathleen mulawka

    kathleen mulawka kathleen mulawka

    -I spent six months volunteering in a rural community in Thailand in 2011, and I can say without a doubt that the food from this place is the closest resemblance of Thai food I’ve had some coming back. Their food had all the right undertones of flavour. Plus , I asked for extra spicy and it was actually extra spicy. Prepared quickly , good presentation and delicious. Thank you ! Will definitely come here again.-
  • Kevin Sebastiao

    Kevin Sebastiao Kevin Sebastiao

    -Great food and excellent service. After I asked if the dumplings had meat in them, the waitress very kindly warned me of a non-vegan option in my order-
  • Sara Valcourt

    Sara Valcourt Sara Valcourt

    -Soup was very good but a bit salty. I enjoyed the food here. I recommend it.-
  • Monica Salamanca

    Monica Salamanca Monica Salamanca

    -Excellent and delicious food, you won't regret it, but they take more than an hour to deliver, so it's better to pick up.-
  • Steven Mansour

    Steven Mansour Steven Mansour

    -(This is a delivery review; I have not been to the restaurant). I miss Cuisine Bangkok in the Faubourg (yes, that was years ago, and yes, I am dating myself), and Bangkok Express feels like the closest thing. They've been assuaging my veggie Pad Thai joneses throughout this pandemic, and have been consistent, reliable, and fairly-priced. Tofu with Peanut Butter (with fried spinach in a separate baggie so it doesn't get soggy, thank you!) is great, as is anything with eggplant or green curry. One of the best Thai delivery places in the city.-
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